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Omaha Real Estate company utilizes new 6D technology amid pandemic

Omaha Real Estate company utilizes new 6D technology amid pandemic

Omaha Real Estate company utilizes new 6D technology amid pandemic
Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 10:28 AM CDT

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – For one Omaha couple, they never thought they would be able to sell their home in the middle of the pandemic. Thanks to new technology, they were able to.

Most of us have bought our homes by looking at pictures printed on paper or on your computer screen. But now you can take it a step beyond, tour the home of your dreams and not even step foot into it.

Brett Clarke may look like he’s playing a video game…

“Here we are in the hunting lodge,” said Clarke.

But he’s touring a home.

It’s virtual reality and it’s this technology that sold the Clarke’s home.

“I didn’t really want people in our house walking around, I didn’t know where they’d been,” said Annie Clarke.

In the midst of a pandemic the Clarke’s wanted to sell their home, but they didn’t exactly want people in it.

“I’m sure there are families out there with that may have underlying conditions and things like that… there’s no way we would do it,” So that’s when they turned to Jeff Cohn and his tech-driven real estate firm kwElite.

“Not every consumer wants to have buyers in their house every single day,” said Cohn.

It’s this idea that drove kwElite to partner up with VRLY, virtual reality technology, taking the 3D technology we all know to the next level of 6D.

“Where they can tour the home much like a video game and be able to fly through the entire house see all the sightlines and everything’s interactive,” said Cohn.

“For example, look at this door, I can open the door go right up to this washer machine and look at all the details, in fact, this dryer says 2 hours and 50 minutes to dry this load of laundry. Now that’s a slow dryer,” said Cohn.

“So, they can open doors, they can look under countertops and really make sure before pulling the trigger on their largest investment ever that they’re making the right decision.”

The 6D technology even allows a potential buyer to visualize future changes, maybe different paint or new fixtures.

“We figured in the three months we weren’t going to see anybody and or be able to have buyers at that time,” said Cohn.

Not only did the Clarkes find a buyer, but it was also the technology that sealed the deal.

“They were able to take that virtual reality to their families, show them exactly what the house looked like, and get their blessing on the home that they were going to buy,” said Cohn.

In addition to the virtual reality, Cohn’s office in west Omaha even has loans, insurance, mortgage services, and more. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for everything real estate.

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