An interview with Tyler Irons: Making every day an open house

Making every day an open house: An interview with Tyler Irons

An interview with Tyler Irons – He’s is an American entrepreneur.

Real Estate technology innovator, marketing expert, speaker, and consultant. He is the founder of the real estate technology software company VRLY, which uses industry-leading technology and online distribution to differentiate its partners in the market.

TI Tyler Irons CEO / Founder of VRLY
You’re invited to get a sneak peek into the day of Tyler Irons by following his podcasat

Tyler, thank you so much for joining us today! Can you briefly give us an overview of VRLY?

Tech Culture

First of all i’m honored to be here!  VRLY was started with a simple goal: to help our partners dominate their digital presence, leverage technology to recruit agents, and win more listings. I have staffed VRLY with talented people who share the same passion.

Using the latest technology, VRLY scans your home and creates a 3D model to be viewed online. VRLY then creates a unique one-page website for your listing, which includes the virtual walkthrough. Lastly, VRLY uses social media channels to drive traffic to that website to differentiate your listing on the market.

Tyler Irons


Wow, that sounds amazing! I know the housing market is booming right now, so I can see many agents drawn towards this type of technology. What were the greatest challenges you’ve faced when starting VRLY?
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Our biggest obstacle was helping agents shift their thinking and beliefs from an old economy model to a digital and augmented era mindset.
Tyler Irons


I can definitely see that, so how do you differentiate from competitors? Is there even much competition given the novelty of this technology?

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There are a lot of smart people creating amazing products for brokerages and agents. I think our biggest advantage is the true partnership we create with our clients. They have absolute confidence in our competence to create and build systems with their best interest in mind!
Tyler Irons

Founder Tyler Irons with his office team at Omaha Nebraska office
Team VRLY is growing fast to take over the world of real estate across North America
The VRLY Team


I guess it really is all about relationship building! So, what is the most memorable experience in the entire process when starting VRLY?

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That’s a great question! For me, this is a simple answer, and it’s a moment I get to experience often. It’s the moment a partner truly understands how all the VRLY products are working for them. I see a slight nod of the head start, and they start to look off into the distance. This is the moment I see their brain take off with all the possibilities of VRLY! I love this moment!
Tyler Irons


Fascinating! Who would you consider the ideal target market for VRLY?

Tech Culture
We work best with large teams or brokerages with built-in systems and processes, who also have support staff such as admins and sign runners. Once they have reached this point, they can plugin to VRLY, create an ancillary business, and create additional revenue streams.
Tyler Irons


You make it sound so easy! Who has been your greatest source of inspiration?

Tech Culture
Easy, Elon Musk! The way he has challenged narratives and objections or the world should inspire everyone on Earth… and soon Mars! Haha!
Tyler Irons

Tyler Irons and Jeff Cohn Are Talking VRLY Technology
VRLY is innovating in all things technology and Marketing from Drones, 3D cameras, NFC and much more

I love it! He has certainly challenged the status quo! Has COVID-19 affected your business or timeline in any way?

Tech Culture
Covid definitely disrupted the world, but in the long run, I believe it forced the industry as a whole to open its eyes to virtual solutions. It forced everyone to adopt VR and AR tech. I think it’s built out now that many will continue to use it because consumers will now demand it that they know it exists.
Tyler Irons


It certainly has, considering we are doing this interview remotely instead of at your office! Any advice you would give to new entrepreneurs?

Tech Culture
EXTREME OWNERSHIP! Own every problem that comes your way. Only think about what you could have done differently. Yes, it doesn’t matter what it is or how easy it is to blame others. You could have done something differently. When you do this, you can fix anything because it’s your fault; you owned it after all. If things are happening because of you, change is possible. If things are happening to you, you’re a victim. Victims can’t control what’s happening. Never be a victim, not even for a second.
Tyler Irons


Sound advice! Do you feel there are fundamental differences between different generations when using VRLY?

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In general, it’s harder for some generations to really understand the power of data and how that data can be used to create unique custom relationships and sales paths. Just like anything else, our environment impacts and affects what we know. Anything can be learned, though, and people are very adaptive when they want to be!
Tyler Irons


Tell that to my grandmother, who refuses to learn how to use her iPad, haha! So, any plans to expand VRLY to other countries?

Tech Culture
Absolutely! Canada is our first global expansion, and we plan to reach all parts of the world!
Tyler Irons

Podcasting Interviews In Omaha Nebraska With Tyler Irons
Tyler Irons does recorded and live podcasting out of his Omaha Nebraska office
Amazing! What were your biggest fears when starting VRLY?
Tech Culture
None. The product and services solved real problems. I understood it would be an uphill battle but never thought this might not work. You don’t start something like VRLY with any doubts.
Tyler Irons


Spoken like a true entrepreneur! How many hours a day do you work on average?
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Haha Not sure I should say! I typically work 14 – 17 hour days. When people hear this, they’re often shocked. What people have to understand is I do what I love and have passion for every day. I get to work on my strengths and passions, so work is fun and invigorating for me. Once you enter this kind of work, you hit a different gear because you don’t have that burn our drag others do. If I have days where I do the things I don’t enjoy, I definitely feel very tired and burned out. So my advice is for people to do what they love and money will follow at some point!
Tyler Irons


I barely manage these 8 hour days! How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?
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A lot of people would look in and think, wow, he has no time for family. The biggest thing being an entrepreneur has given me is control of my time. I can manipulate my schedule to make sure I can attend all the family functions. I can work early mornings and night to make a 4 pm basketball game for my daughter. This has been the best gift I could have ever asked for.
Tyler Irons


It certainly has its perks! I’m still hung up on the 17 hours, though, haha! So, what motivates you, Tyler?
Tech Culture
My “why” is simple. The people around me motivate me: my family, my team, my clients. The faith and trust they’ve given me. I want to create a vessel that allows all of them to live and achieve their dreams. When you help others around you, you are winning. It’s a feeling that will drive anyone.
Tyler Irons


Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?
Tech Culture
Absolutely! I think this is a very clearly proven statistic. Truly have your Customers and Teams’ best interest at heart! If you do this, you will win, and when things get tough, and they will! Your employees and clients will be there and have a value far beyond price.
Tyler Irons


Let me just write that down! If I asked your team to tell me one phrase you use, what would they say?
Tech Culture
Haha, I have two that I drop on them daily. They would either say “Level Up” Or “Learn to Learn.”
Tyler Irons


I’m going to start using those now! So, what is your favorite quote?
Tech Culture
My favorite quote comes from the words of Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
Tyler Irons



That speaks volumes and certainly is attributable to VRLY! Tyler, thank you so much for joining us today! Where can our readers learn more about you and VRLY?
Tech Culture
My pleasure. Thank you for having me! You can learn more about VRLY at, and feel free to check out my personal site at
Tyler Irons

An interview with Tyler Irons
Tyler Irons helps train agents in kwELITE Columbus

Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur Tyler Irons from VRLY

Tyler Irons CEO | Founder Of VRLY

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Tyler Irons from VRLY.

Without further ado GeekEstate Blog brings you Tyler Irons…

Tyler Irons CEO / Founder VRLY
Tyler Irons The Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur and CEO / Founder Of VRLY is interviewed by GreekEtate Blog
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Tyler Irons and I’m the Founder of VRLY. VRLY is a Technology and Marketing partner for Real Estate agents. VRLY helps agents implement the latest technology into their listings. VRLY then helps agents monetize that technology by incorporating it into their marketing campaigns. VRLY helps our agent partners have leverage over their competitors and attract future clients with targeted marketing campaigns.

What problem does your product/service solve?

At our core, we here at VRLY understand digital marketing. We utilize scanning, Drones, 3D & 6D tech, listing websites, as well as other cutting-edge technology in our 3-Step Process to conduct hyper-targeted, focused digital marketing campaigns to put our partner’s brand and listings in front of future clients.

80% of home buyers start their search online. So, we help our agent partners marketing funds to where it truly matters: mobile phones. VRLY puts their face and brand in front of a hyper-targeted audience of buyers and sellers. We use the latest tech and marketing ad’s to help sell your current listing while attracting potential new listings.

What’s are you most excited about right now?

VR Pre Built 6 Degrees OF Freedom (6DoF) is HERE! VRLY is helping our agent partners incorporate 6DoF into their offerings. Having complete control over home tours of Pre Built homes is changing the industry for home builders. Our agent partners are winning and wowing builder clients with their fully interactive home tours that are usable on Desktop, Mobile, and VR.

What’s next for you?

VRLY’s Research and Development team is always working with the latest tech to incorporate with our agent partner’s businesses. We have many projects in the works currently that will be coming out over the next year. The best way to keep up with our latest products is to follow along with our social media pages.

What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

VRLY has been blessed with amazing support from our home state of Nebraska. We’re passionate about helping the next generation have opportunities to travel, learn, and have positive life experiences. We have partnered with an incredible group at VRLY Storm Basketball. Storm Basketball has found a way to reach and connect with kids in our community. They’re helping kids from all over Nebraska and using Basketball as a connecting platform. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the impact they are making.

Thanks to Tyler for sharing his story. If you’d like to connect, find him on LinkedIn here.

Real Producers Features Tyler Irons Founder Of VRLY

Tyler Irons CEO | Founder Of VRLY

Partner Spotlight

The Image of Trust

By Dave Danielson

Tyler Irons CEO / Founder of VRLY
Tyler Irons shows off how VRLY 6D Pre Built Virtual Tours Work Using The VR Headset

Your clients rely on you to come through during what can be one of the most crucial times of their lives. In the same way, it’s a must to have a partner on your side you can count on.

That’s exactly what you get with VRLY, a nationally prominent organization in the real estate industry
that also happens to make its headquarters in Lincoln.

As those who work with VRLY from coast to coast understand, VRLY fully represents quality and
reliability — bringing a true image of trust home to the market.

From Lincoln to the Nation

Tyler Irons is the CEO and Founder of VRLY, a company he created in 2016. The energy he exudes and
the passion he feels for his company’s work with the real estate industry are overflowing.

“VRLY is a technology and marketing partner for real estate agents,” Tyler explains. “As part of that, the biggest thing we do is help REALTORS® incorporate technology into their listings, and then help them
monetize that.”

While COVID-19 has brought more than its share of challenges to the world, it has also further revealed
the power of the solutions VRLY brings to the world.

As Tyler says, “During this time, COVID-19 will likely continue to push the industry into technology. As a
result, the industry will become even stronger.”

Elevating the Experience

VRLY works with its real estate partners to gather extreme high-quality images and 3D assets of listings
to create an unmatched virtual reality experience that brings each home up-close and personal — even
during socially distant times.

“With the level of the content we create, you could technically put on VR goggles to do a walk-through
of a home,” Tyler. “That’s just part of our story. One of the other things we do that we think provides
real value is producing high-quality, 6D renderings of new construction plans. That’s a powerful offering
for clients who are able to walk through their home virtually and fine tune the design before
construction begins.”

Real Producers Features Tyler Irons Founder of VRLY
Tyler Irons and Team VRLY show off the 3D Cameras, Drones, VR, and Tech office of the Future at VRLY HQ in Omaha Nebraska.

Real Producers Features Tyler Irons Founder of VRLY

Today, VRLY has a team of 30 highly skilled professionals

that is rapidly growing nationwide, with
ambitions of having a presence in all 50 states by the end of the year.

A Measurable Difference

Tyler has a sparkle in his eye when he talks about bringing the power of VRLY to the place he calls home.

“What we’re doing here in Lincoln is we’re working with agents to help them leverage the power of
technology in their business each day,” Tyler emphasizes. “The VRLY product is designed to support
agents as they win the listing by differentiating themselves in the market with technology.”

VRLY offerings are power-packed in a way that can quickly elevate an agent’s listing advantages.

“Our product is super substantial, including providing two virtual tours, including versions for
Matterport and Zillow, along with five videos, as well as an MLS-compliant video, and drone imagery,
along with 36 free photos and two listing websites specifically set up for that house,” Tyler explains.

Real Reach

VRLY also works to extend the reach of the content.

“With our social media campaigns, we tie directly into key demographics of people online. We are able
to reach out to people whose searches indicate that they are getting ready to buy or sell their homes.
We are able to use those demographics immediately when they become available and we start pushing
out ads to those individuals. And, through our strategic partnership with Zillow, we upload listing tours
directly to Zillow, so agents don’t need to deal with that. Plus, we provide analytics that demonstrate
how it’s all working.”

Those who work with Tyler and his team at VRLY see firsthand the power of the technology that is
applied to make a real difference in human terms.

As Tyler says, “My favorite part of what we do is learning about the technology and helping agents
implement it. I spend 90 percent of my time on our R&D efforts, trying out new marketing services and
technology and figuring out how to deliver that to our partners. We’re doing all of that research, so
when you work with us, you don’t need to worry about researching all of the options yourself. We do
that for you … and we’ll keep you on the leading edge.

If you’re looking for an advantage in the market, you’ve found it.

“The thing we strive for when we work with people is for them to see our value … to know we are their
trusted partner … to see the confidence they have in our competence.”

That’s the image of trust.

For more information about VRLY: